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Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
the way it would be no crew there's absolutely no reason to be worried about french law don't tell them really surprise that this is getting media coverage as are many french people to work when he wants to know about politics newport news. total on his present to the is completely transparent about his health you will continue to uphold his promises to speak to them and friend to make is to train one of europe's toughest battles against prostitution and trafficking comprises a one thousand five hundred euro fine on anyone paying for workers complain the government is doing the accounts of living punishing the customer and protecting the prostitutes that's what the new bill against prostitution is hoping to cheap to do it the best pasta will be historic monuments because for the last time from staying for six runs and will only be recognized finest especially violence against women. prostitution is currently legal in france but brothels camping in soliciting spaces are you recall the proposed law scraps the two thousand three ban on soliciting and shifts the blame on the clients. it
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
said the dead the fact that this law treats that no one on the home improvement stores in one area different from its competitors just two km don't roll in. can't be right and it can't be right that people tend to lose now individually. who doesn't mean that everything will turn into working on sunday like any of the day it's unlikely that the question of why do we always have to impose this on people that's something i've been in in the labour line general. i can't wait twenty four hours a day. can't wait. over nineteen forty eight outweighs it because because there's no such thing as absolute freedom in labor relations. here's your employer you not you not at once. so how did the whole of human freedom the image in this dizzying but between work forcing people to work forty eight hours sort of slavery and having people if they wish to list these people on the and in the interview said. if they decide they want to work on sunday because they can make a higher wage. they will not work more hours during the week. how can you say no to your employer when you have five million people
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
to his studio. their debut made it again she added i'm going to law school tomorrow and also to gasol so that any adult has to be found susan is going to be complementary to its import and the good news you just gave us that there's still these delegations going both to brussels and to moscow for a good address the panel let's go to cannes and to join falls and gets gulliver crag. he's been following this story. ever since the november twenty first about face down on goal over the vote of no confidence has improved in any way reduce the numbers out there in the square where you want one has to have a good incentive it was. i thought it would make deposits the kids the dispute the radio. it would be. the company update the meat on top. the artist for me. the other. beyond that. i did it. it's been like this. tens of thousands with soaking about. still going well. word gets this it is. your chestnuts testers the speed seems to be standing up with different messages before i go back to gulliver let's take a listen to what some of them have to say. young people as will is thatepends on going
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
when it is a joint control within the law. of course the government about mocha once controlled by a goofball all the cds and all the money. but between those that if that happens when you get the new sets of pics coming up between him and on and the legitimate authorities said very difficult to sonata to work through and i posted the french troops now find themselves into ministry tanzania political times in the middle of this conflict and the frost can just pull back and say right. well you know go in there too to kites is man. because the results could be pretty disastrous friends had planned to drop down to less than a thousand troops before the end of the year that's not the case for now. since this was the main reasons why. the we are saying because we want the political process to the fruit that you need to wear a suit with elections that with only one token nice and weep. almost all violence and the very good. higher rates of the photos. you know that the elections to parliament was from the walls through a few days but can see from the song peaked in december. we want t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4